Is your child refusing to take his or her medicine?

Is your child spitting out, gagging, refusing to swallow or take medication on time, and wasting prescriptions that took so much time and effort to get?

Make Medicine Much More Yummy Today !

YummyMeds medicine flavoring brings an innovative solution for kids bad tasting medications. Our formula is based on a effective combination of a natural sweetener, bitterness suppressor , taste and flavor enhancers to make children medicine taste better. We carry various popular pediatric flavors from grape to bubblegum kids favorite. We also carry chicken and beef flavors for your pharmacy compounding need for veterinary medicines for dogs cats and other pets. Our flavors are a must for your pharmacy medical supplies and a great flavoring tool for compounding pharmacistsCheck out our Yummy Meds flavoring drops under our Products page. 

Our pharmacy flavorings are specially designed to help to struggling parents with their children refusing to take or swallow their medicine on time.Our children friendly flavors are often added to make prescriptions meds much more yummy like vitamins, antibiotics ,liquid iron  and many other pharmacy medicinal syrups. They are also often used to mask bitter pediatric reflux antacid allergy meds and other drugs or cough syrups. YummyMeds drops can also be mixed with water, sauces yogurt or smoothies. Your loved one will finally be able to swallow a less bitter and sweeter tasting medication .

Our pharmacy rx flavoring kit is designed for pharmacies nationwide to help drive sales and customer traffic to the pharmacy. A great way of pharmacy advertising and having an edge over competitors in a very crowded market

All Natural Sweetener
Safe for all  age  groups!
​​Friendly Flavors!
Pharmacy Meds
​​Taste Flavor Enhancer!
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Yummy Meds pharmacy Pharmacist flavoring drops for kids medicines

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Diabetes Friendly
Sugar Free!

Bubblegum Flavor
Kids Favorite!

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