Does ur drops include preservatives? Is it safe to use the drops for my 2 year old? 

Our quality assurance department runs routine  tests through a third party certified laboratory to make sure our drops are sterile and free of any harmful pathogens.It is safe to use for young children since  we dont include preservatives in our formula.If we included preservatives we would have longer expiration dates on our products but we chose to keep our drops safe for children use instead.However for infants we would recommend getting a clearance  from  your pediatrician first especially if your child has a history of sensitivity and allergies 

Can I use the drops if my child is diabetic?

Our products are diabetic friendly and can be safely used in diabetic patients. They are sugar-free based on a natural sweetener unlike some artificial ones seen on the market like aspartame

Do you ship to Europe or other countries ?

Requests to ship internationally are considered case by case on a daily basis from consumers ,specialty pharmacies  and various hospitals around the globe.Feel free to contact us with any questions to arrange for shipping.However requests for bulk orders or distributors will most likely be declined.Indeed  we do not ship in bulk to other countries due to variances in  health care and custom regulations specific to each individual country.

Are there any drug interactions with other medications?

Our products are tested for any possible drug interactions and are safe to use with almost all liquid over-the-counter and prescription medications. However some children with severe history of allergies might displays some signs of hypersensitivity to our products alcohol content

What are your shipping costs?

We offer free  and expedited shipping with tracking numbers on orders more than 75$ for health care institutions and pharmacy orders.For individual consumer orders we offer various options from economy shipping [4.99$ ] to  priority [5.85$ }or rush express shipping {17$} to accommodate for parents sick children needs

My child is allergic to peanuts, are the flavoring drops safe?

Yes, the drops can be used if your child is allergic to peanuts. Our flavor drops are based on a natural sweetener.They are indeed artifical dyes and preservatives free to minimize the chance of allergies to colorants and other chemicals.However if your child is intolerant to fruits like cherries or allergic to stevia ,caution is advised before selecting one of the fruit products your child might be allergic too

How long are the flavoring drops good for once i open the vial?

It is usually recommended to use the flavoring vial within 3 month of opening it. Left unopened in good storage condition they are can be last up to 24 month

Is there a flavoring for Alimentum formula to make it taste better ?

Babies often have a hard time drinking their bottle especially when it comes to alimentum, nutramigen or pregestimil.While our products are all natural we still advise consulting with your pediatrician about the baby sensitivity,tolerance to sweetners and history of allergies first.For infants we would recommend 1/3 of the standard dosing regimen.Best flavors used with alimentum are grape, banana or strawberry

What flavor do you recommend for nutramigen? Can i use the drops to flavor formula?

It is best recommended to use strawberry,banana or grape with kids formula first

I run a compounding pharmacy and interested to carry your drops .Do you charge any annual or membership fees to join your network?

We dont charge any monthly or annual fees. Membership is free to join for health care professionals. Our flavoring kit is recommended for retail drugstores and hospital pharmacies

I am planning to flavor 150 ml of my son's antibiotic? How many drops should i use?

We make our formula  pretty simple for moms to use. A standard regimen would be typically to use 1 dropperful ( 1 dropperful=20 drops =1 ml )  per 50 ml of medicine.Each dropperful makes 1 ml and consist of 20 drops.Thus for 150 ml of medicine 3 ml of flavoring would be required which is equivalent to 3 dropperful

I live in Arizona and it gets overheated here sometimes, is it okay to leave the vials outside?

It is recommended to store the vial in a dry, cool place such as a kitchen cabinet. Do not expose the vials to excessive variations in temperature. Avoid freezing or overheated temperatures. Do not leave the vial under direct sun exposure!

My son hates to take his Strattera. How about masking the taste with the drops?

While Eli Lilly doesn't recommend opening the strattera capsule , several studies showed that sprinkling it in food or drinks will not alter its effectiveness.However the parents are faced with a very bitter taste problem and the child would refuse to take it.Best practice is to flavor it with a 2:1 mixture of Grape/Watermelon flavor to mask the bitter taste of the medicine

how to Flavor child rx prescriptions pharmacy flavoring questions to our pharmacists

We cant find a medicine flavoring that doesn't use artificial sweeteners like Splenda. Do you use aspartame in your products?

Our sweetener is 100% natural. Most pediatricians recommends kids to stay away from artificial colors and sweeteners. Aspartame is indeed a very controversial artificial sweetener and scientific studies are still inconclusive  whether its use is closely associated with cancer and other autoimmune diseases. To address those concerns, we never use aspartame or include  any other chemicals or artificial sweeteners in our products.

Flavor Drops Calculator

Medicine Amount in ml

Does the drops contain alcohol or glycerin? I am trying to find a product to flavor her nitrofurantoin antibiotic with because she spits it out and refuse to take it

We don't include Glycerin in our ingredients however a  small amount of alcohol is part of our formulations to help with the stability and the mix of miscibility with other medicines

How do I know if the drops are compatible with my child's medication?

Compatibility is not an issue and our drops are used in a wide range of medicines from anti-seizure meds to antibiotics or gastric reflux medications. There are some flavors that may taste better with certain medications. Our team tested and matched various meds with our flavoring and selected the ones that taste better. You can match our flavor recommendations with your medication needs under our products page but we believe your child is the decisive choosing factor by selecting the flavor he likes the most

I am a diabetic and i am wondering if i can use your drops to flavor water ?

Our products are formulated for children or adults and are diabetic  friendly .Although they are used best with medicines there is no harm or problem to use it to flavor water,smoothies or candy for diabetics since they are sugar free

Can I use the flavoring drops with liquid iron supplements like Poly-Vi-Sol ?

Liquid iron supplements are prescribed to adults and children with iron deficiencies because they absorb better and more quickly into the body than other forms of iron. The drops aren't designed to taste good. They also routinely stain your tongue and teeth. Diluting iron drops with our flavoring drops can help reduce the bad taste and staining. Flavorings can make it much easier to give supplements to your child. They can also make the experience more pleasant for adults.

Can I use it to flavor rock candy?

Our products are based on a natural sweetener and are perfectly safe to use to prepare sugar-free recipes for your baking needs if you wish.

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How long can I keep the medications that are flavored with the flavoring drops?

Our flavor drops for kids yucky medicines, once compounded with another product, are stable for up to 14 days at refrigerated temperature.

Our pharmacy needs to flavor individual 5 ml packaging unit of prednisolone ? Is that possible?

With our  formula  you are able to flavor as much as a pint of medicine or something as small as a 5 ml unit dose often used in hospitals floors.In case of prednisolone, 2 drops of grape flavor per packaging unit would be adequate to mask the taste

What is a dropperful? How many drops should i use?

A dropperful is how much you can squeeze up in a dropper.Its never a full dropper because its impossible to make a dropper to be fully full with the law of physics. A flavorplus dropperful is approximately around 20 drops

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the amount of flavoring drops needed in contrast to the required amount of  medication.

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